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Sidewalk Repair Los Angeles

The City of Los Angeles Will Pay You up to $10,000 to Repair Your Sidewalk

Aaxis Construction is one of a few contractors vetted, approved and contracted by the City of Los Angeles' Department of Public Works to repair sidewalks throughout the city.


Let's be blunt:

Sidewalks all over town are in terrible shape. They look terrible, many are far from safe, and let's not even think about what the poor condition of the sidewalk in front of your home is doing to the resale value. Aaxis Construction has the resources, equipment, knowledge, and the sidewalk repair experience in Los Angeles to replace your sidewalk on schedule and on budget with minimal (if any) interruption to the property owner.

Fortunately, the city of Los Angeles has implemented the Safe Sidewalks LA Program, which aims to update and replace the current sidewalk infrastructure in order to ensure the sidewalks throughout Los Angeles are safe and accessible for all. The goal of the Safe Sidewalks LA program is to replace 12,000 miles of sidewalks throughout the city of Los Angeles over the course of the next 30 years, starting with government buildings, then commercial properties and finally residential properties.  Most property owners and landlords do not want to wait 10, 20, or perhaps even 30 years for the city to get around to replacing their sidewalks.  Therefore, the city is offering a limited-time rebate to assist home & business owners should they decide to pay to replace their sidewalks on their own.  The opportunity to receive this rebate is only good for the first three years of the program. 


Anyone who opts to replace or repair their sidewalks right away can hire a contractor to replace their sidewalk and they will receive a rebate from the city and an incentive to do so. Los Angeles will pay for 1/2 of the sidewalk replacement cost up to $10,000.  The process for approval can be difficult to navigate, but Aaxis Construction can guide you through this process, as we are intimately familiar with the inner workings of the Safe Sidewalks LA  and have a lot of experience with the program.

For a more detailed explanation of the Safe Sidewalks LA program, if you have any questions, or to begin the process of having your sidewalk replaced in Los Angeles, please call Aaxis Construction. Our team of professionals at Aaxis Construction will be with you every step of the entire project, overseeing the project - form to finish - and making sure that you, the property owner, are completely satisfied with a fantastic product that will last you for many years.

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Click HERE to go the official Safe

Sidewalks LA Rebate and info page 

Recently Completed Sidewalk Rebate Program Projects

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Studio City

Jefferson Park

Hancock Park


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