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Q:  "Hey there Aaxis Construction, what do you actually do?"


A:  What we do is pretty simple:  First-class construction projects for really awesome clients, primarily commercial and public works; we also do a lot of sidewalks.


Veeeeeeeeery rarely, we can be convinced to do a custom residential project for a client, but boy, it takes one really cool client to get us to agree to do that!

Q:  "Why are you any better than the guys down the street?"

A:  Our team is what makes us better than the other guys.  Our team of construction professionals has an extensive background in not only construction, but project management and technology as well.  We bring discipline and structure to an industry that often has very little of either.   The nature of the business is such that requirements vary from project to project and as a company, you have to be flexible accordingly.  We take great pride in our ability to acquiesce to the needs of each individual project while always being reliable, professional, and providing each client with a fantastic experience and an even better end product.

Q:  "Does Aaxis do residential projects?  I have a construction project and what I want to do is (insert project description) to my home?"


A:  With the exception of residential sidewalks (which we do a lot of), we tend to stay away from residential work.  In custom residential work, the projects are 75% educating the client about construction/hand-holding, and about 25% is the actual construction; in commercial and public works, those ratios are reversed, which suits us much better. Don't get us wrong, our custom residential work is second to none - heck, that's where we started and our work in that arena is spectacular!  Through our experience though, we have found that custom residential projects just require too much hand-holding with the client to allow us to concentrate on what we are best at, which is the actual construction.   


Q:  "Are you licensed, bonded, Insured, and have worker's compensation insurance?"


A:  Absolutely!  Any and all good contractors should have these and if they don't run for the hills!


Q:  "Is there a minimum or maximum size project or budget with which you will work?"


A:   It all depends on the scope, but we don't have arbitrary minimum or maximum budgets within which we work.  We do small projects and large ones alike, they just need to make fiscal sense, and projects that do make sense financially can range in all size budgets.

Q:  "I'd love to have you guys build my commercial project, but I'm already working with my own design team and architect.  Is that a problem?"


A:  No problem at all - we do it most of the time.  Our role as a contractor is to take your vision and bring it to life for you.  If we find inconsistencies in your plans, if we foresee any issues that might be a problem in construction or if you need help in figuring out a roadblock you have encountered in design, we will certainly chime in and bring it to your attention, but ultimately, we understand that you and your design team will provide us with the blueprint, and our job is to build it.  


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